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Learn French

EducNation Consulting Inc. is a world-renowned company that works with students and professionals on four continents. Its founder and managing director, Bertrand Ndeffo, has 20 experience in education in Switzerland and Canada. He has been a member of the Ontario College of Teachers since 2008. His courses and lectures are in demand in Canada and internationally.

Do you want to learn the French language? Yes it's possible! Whatever your age, your current level, your occupations, you can improve your French by devoting only 60 minutes a week to your learning.

Bertrand and his team will show you that this is not only possible, but also simple and fun! We know what it takes as an effort to learn a new language. That is why you can always count on us to listen to you, understand you, encourage you and give you all the strategies you need to speak French and take advantage of the opportunities offered by this beautiful language!

We'll start with a free 30-minute assessment of your challenges and goals.

Start this extraordinary journey today by booking an hour's worth of lessons for only $59.99 CAD.

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